Responsible Tourism and why we've chosen the Zadar Archipelago for our SUP Adventures


This year I’m very excited that Gutsy Girls be heading back to Croatia for lots of weekends and week long adventures. But we’re not heading to the usual hot spots of Hvar, Dubrovnik or Split, here’s a little insight into why!

Croatia tourism has boomed over the past few years and even more so after Dubrovnik became one of the filming locations for Game of Thrones. It’s fantastic that we are all travelling the world, exploring new destinations and gaining new perspectives from other cultures. Travel enriches us and it’s a real privilege that we have the opportunity to explore.


Travel and Tourism, is a double edged sword, on one side it’s great for employment opportunities across the globe with one in ten jobs in the world supported by Travel and Tourism on the other we see the devastating impacts of over-tourism on the environment in places like Maya Bay in Thailand.


This year, the number of cruise ships allowed to dock in Dubrovnik has been capped to 2 a day, with a maximum of 5,000 passengers on each, with the hopes to prevent over-tourism in the city. It’s great to see governments introducing measures like this, and as someone who has a livelihood in selling holidays, I too am making conscious efforts to offer responsible tourism.

Whilst I’m still learning about responsible tourism, and by no means claim to be an expert, I do want to offer experiences and holidays that protect the environment and support local cultures and communities.  

I’m proud to be partnered with a fantastic Croatian company with great guides who are passionate about responsible tourism, ensuring that the experience you book with Gutsy Girls has a positive effect on the local culture, with all accommodation and food provided by family run businesses, who live on the islands all year round.

Whilst most people might head south towards Hvar, Korčula and Spilt for their holiday, we’ve chosen the Zadar Archipelago for a real immersive island experience away from the tourist crowds! This beautiful spot will not disappoint.

Why We Love It There

  1. Slow Down

One thing I love about the Island of Molat, our home for our adventures is the slow Island pace of life. With a population of just around 250 permeant residents, it’s a quiet village that serves as a tranquil retreat for the week or weekend.

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2. Beautiful Location

Each day we’ll be exploring the Molat and the surrounding Islands by SUP, bike and foot. We’ll be island hopping by paddleboard, finding secluded bays and beaches, enjoying the company of fish and dolphins (fingers crossed) and feeling like we’re miles from civilisation.

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3. Well Planned Adventures

Working with local guides, our adventures are well researched to ensure you receive the very best experience whilst travelling with us. With adventure sports like standup paddleboarding, conditions can change a paddle from a relaxing tranquil day on calm water to a battle against winds, choppy water and currents. By working with locals, we’ll have plenty of paddling options to choose from to suit the conditions and group. We do all the planning, so you can relax knowing your adventure is in safe hands!


4. Delicious Healthy Food

With just 2 restaurants on the Island, you’d think our dinner options would be limited. However, a real highlight of this experience is eating delicious home cooked food from local host families. You’ll be filling your plates high with fresh fish, slow cooked meats and plenty of veggies and fruit too! Vegetarian or vegan? You’ll be well fed all week too, we promise! 


5. Sunshine, Wine and All of the Good Stuff

Last year Croatia was my only guaranteed sunshine paddleboarding trip, after unforgettable expeditions in the wilds of Scotland, Norway and Sweden, it was a real treat to paddle in the sun, swim in warm water and unwind with a glass or two of local wine (and sleep in a real bed)

They say ‘adventure begins at the end of your comfort zone’ (I love this quote) But you can still enjoy a day filled with adventures exploring a new location and indulge in a hot shower and comfy bed leaving you rested and ready for another day of exploring!

Ready to Join us?