3 Reasons Why Weekend Retreats are Good for the Soul

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1. Limited Annual Leave

I know how quickly annual leave can get used up each year, particularly when your friends have all chosen the same year to get married. Have you found yourself with a several hen parties away and a destination wedding eating into your already limited holiday days? 

The aim of our weekend retreats is to squeeze in as much adventure into just 3 days and still leave room for relaxation and indulgence that you deserve on your time off from work. 

2. Recharge Through Activities

I’ve never been able to truly relax at a spa or lying on the beach, I’m always wiggling in my sun lounger and wondering what’s coming up next.  Maybe not so mindful of me, but I’m definitely the kind of person that finds sports, exercise and being active relaxing. 

If I’m waiting for my wave and paddling on crystal clear water I am mindful, I’m no longer thinking through my to-do list or planning my next meal (food is very important to me…) I’m able to simply be, to take in the beauty of what’s around me and breath.

I’m confident you’ll feel the same way and you really recharge on our active weekends, your body may be tied after long days of surfing or SUP but your mind will be calm and refreshed. 

3. Take a Leap!

So many of our guests have never travelled alone and I love that Gutsy Girls is part that first taste of independent travel! 

My aim is to take the intimidation out going on your first solo adventure! I'll provide all the details you might need to know before you step on the plane, including a packing list! You can relax knowing you’ll be greeted on arrival by a Girls Girls host (maybe me!) who’ll introduce you to all the great women who’ll be joining you for the weekend. 

Our weekend retreats are a great opportunity to dip your toe into solo travelling and a great introduction to a new sport like surfing or stand up paddleboarding! 


I fell in love with the Zadar Archipelago last year, smitten from it’s a tranquil and remote location with a very relaxed pace of life. 

Working with a fantastic local provider, our trips to this area allow you to immerse yourself into Island life. We’ll spend our days paddleboarding, cycling, hiking and swimming in crystal clear waters. In the evenings, we’ll indulge in delicious food prepared by local host families, for a truly unique and authentic experience. 

PSSTTT - We have a week long version of this adventure too!


This spot crazy pretty, it’s no surprise it was used as a Game of Thrones filming location with it’s dramatic backdrops and 9 mile beach. Our Irish Weekends is jammed packed with surf lessons, stand up paddleboarding, wild swimming and topped off with an evening of Irish music in our luxury cottages. 

What’s great is that it’s super easy to get to from Belfast by train, simply jump on a cheap flight from London and start your long weekend with a good book or staring out the window onto the vast green spaces you forgot existed outside of the city. 


So I may have said I’m not great at relaxing in a spa, but after a long day of surfing an evening in the hot tub or sauna is pretty much heaven and great for tired muscles from surfing.

Our Luxury Surf and Yoga Weekends are the perfect blend of activities and relaxation and incase you’re not already relaxed enough from the yoga sessions and spa, the massage therapist here is quite possibly the greatest I’ve ever met.

Cornwall is a favourite spot for many surfers, with it’s picture perfect beaches and pretty villages!

PSSSSTTT - Join us in May and stay an extra night in the spa resort for FREE!


I used to live in the Algarve for 3 years before moving to London, so it’s always going to have a place in my heart, I’m LOVING currently working remotely from here!

What better opportunity than to invite some Gutsy Girls out to share this beautiful spot with. It’s got amazing beaches with great waves for all level surfers, caves and grottos to explore by SUP and cute cobblestone towns and some mighty fine wine! 

But will there be more destinations added to the calendar?

YES! I promise whilst I may be in Portugal enjoying moments in the sun and surf, I’m still busy planning even more adventures.

Whilst I’m getting them all confirmed, if one of the above takes your fancy, I do recommend booking in soon. We have limited spots, I’d hate for you to miss out.

I can’t decide, can you help?

Sure thing, I’m a libra which I like to blame when it comes to my indecisiveness, however happy to answer any questions, give you loads of info and chat through the options.

Simply drop me a message in the form below and I’ll get back to you ASAP!

Until then!

Nat x

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