2.0 Wakeboarding Cable Explained

Landlocked but want to get on the water and learn a new watersport? With loads of wakeboarding cable parks popping up in cities across the country, there's plenty of opportunities to give it a go! 

It's one of the fastest watersports to pick up, most of the board skills from skateboarding and snowboarding are the same, so if you already shred on land, time to do it on water! 

If you have zero board skills, don't worry, it's super easy to pick up especially if you learn on a 2.0 Cable Sytem. Here's why....

Gutsy Girls Wakeboarding (3 of 6).jpg

1. Speed

The cable is fully controlled by an operator on the dock, this means they can slow it right down to make it comfortable on your arms and build your confidence up. They'll adjust it for you, so you get up and riding super fast! 

2. The Cable 

All levels faceplant and let go of the cable. The beauty of the 2.0 system is that the operator will get the cable straight back to you, meaning you'll get optimal water time and practice, rather than having to wait for a boat to come pick you up!  

3. Easy Coaching! 

The loop back and forth is short, which means you'll never be far from your instructor. This means you can get instant feedback and coaching! 

4. Gentler Ride

As the speed is fully controlled by the operator, they will increase the speed of the cable slowly whilst you stand up. This stops that sudden jerk and tension you get from all cable systems and boats. You'll body will thank us the next day! 

5. Fun times on the Dock

Whilst you wait your turn, you can sit on the dock and watch your fellow Gutsy Girls learn. Pick up coaching tips from their ride and also it's a super social so you can laugh at your epic faceplants together and celebrate your victories.