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Women Only Wakeboarding Lesson | Beginners + Returning Riders

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We are excited to be teaming up with WakeUpDocklands to offer a women-only wakeboarding sessions.

Open to all level wakeboarders, from complete beginners to advanced, our Gutsy Girl Wakeboarding Days are the perfect opportunity to get on the water and meet new friends. 

Intermediate - Advanced

We've currently booked up the Blue Cable at WakeUpDocklands, which is an open water run. Perfect to perfecting air tricks! 




If you've always wanted to give wakeboarding a go, this is your chance to learn in a non-intimidating, fun and welcoming environment!  Our excellent female instructors will be running beginner sessions, to get you up and riding as soon as possible. 

What to Expect

You'll be joining a great group of women for a day of wakeboarding in the city! The majority of the group will be beginners and coming alone, so you'll be in great company if you're a newbie.  

What's Included for £45? 

  • Expert coaching from top instructors
  • Double the riding time if you join our session.
  • Wetsuit* and board hire

*Got your own wetsuit? Enter NOWETSUIT into the promo code and save £5.00


🙉 What is Wakeboarding?

Don't worry, you aren't the first person to want to ask this! I imagine from looking at the photos you'll get a better idea, but wakeboarding is like waterskiing, expect on a single board like a snowboard. 

You are pulled along by either a cable system or boat, once you're up and riding you can learn tricks and build up to jumps off obstacles. It's kinda like snowboarding or skateboarding on water! 

Check out our blog on why learning to Wakeboard on a 2.0 cable system is AMAZING! 

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Fitness Levels

Wakeboarding is great for all fitness and strength levels! You don't need to have crazy good upper body strength to do it, relax and go with it.  


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Board Skills

If you snowboard, skateboard or have surfed before, you'll find the board skills pretty similar. Don't worry if you've had no previous experience, check out our 5 Reasons to Learn blog post!