Fjällräven Classic Sweden


This August we are excited to be joining 2000 hikers on the Kings Trail in Sweden, to taking part in the Fjällräven Classic to hiking 110km in the Nordic Wilderness.


✓ Join a team of 10 women on hike 110km in Sweden’s national parks

✓ Multi-day hike in the Scandinavian wilderness

✓ Sleeping under the mid-night sun

✓ Wild swimming and saunas

✓ Meet likeminded women for an adventure on the Kings Trail

Gutsy Girls Team

Fjällräven Classic


This August join Gutsy Girls to take part in the Fjällräven Classic Sweden a 110km multi-day hike in the Nordic Wilderness. 

We are building a team of 10 women to join 2000+ hikers taking part in the Fjällräven Classic, an epic adventure exploring the Kings Trail in the north of Sweden, way above the Artic Circle.

We’ll trek 110km through dramatic landscapes and varied terrains, the trail will take us through the valleys of steep mountains, alongside winding rivers, through wild forests and passing Kebnekaise Sweden’s highest mountain. 

We’ll be out in the wild for 6 days for a self-sufficient hike, stopping along route for saunas and wild swimming. We sleep under the midnight sun, enjoy a week being off the grid and out in nature, in the great company of new friends. 


The Gutsy Girl Team 

I created Gutsy Girls as a community that connects likeminded women through adventure and nature. To empower you to get out of your comfort zones, discover how bold and badass you can be and to meet new lifelong friends in the process. I’m very excited that Gutsy Girls have the opportunity to offer this exciting experience to our community, it’s a great way to introduce more women to their wild side! 

For this adventure, we are building a team that combines experienced hikers with those who are completely new to it!

If you’ve never done a multi-day hike, camped out in the wild but something is calling you to get out in nature and out of your comfort zone, then this is your trip! 

If you’re an experienced trekker and are looking for some new wilderness buddies and take on a new adventure we’d love to have you join us!

There is no guide for this hike, we will work as a team to navigate the trail and support each other along route. Fjällräven sets up check points throughout the trail, here we’ll pick up more food and a few treats along the way.



Gutsy Girls will connect you with your team mates, so you can plan training hikes, meetups and prepare for your adventure together. In Sweden will hike together each day, the speed in which we trek may be different, but we our aim is to stick together!

There will be a Gutsy Girl host joining you for the adventure, however please note this trek is not guided. Our aim is to support you, empower you and take the intimidation out of your first multi-day hike!


We are encouraging those who’ve never done a multi-day hike to join us! Over the 6 days we will trek 110km on varying terrains, we’ll be carrying everything we’ll need for the hike, we anticipant this will weigh between 16kg - 20kg.

You’ll need a good level of fitness for this trip and recommend getting out on some longer hikes to prepare and test out your gear.  


Fjällräven have put together a guide to the gear you’ll need. We encourage our team to share tents, camping stoves and other gear to keep our backpacks light and reduce initial costs of gear for our newbie hikers. 

If you are new to hiking, do consider that you may need to invest in a fair bit of kit. No doubt you’ll fall in love with wilderness adventures after this experience, you’ll get plenty of use from it in the future.

With changeable weather conditions in Sweden, you will need a good quality tent (festival tents just won’t cut it!) and definitely invest in a top quality waterproof jacket and trousers!



Food on the trek is provided by Fjällräven as part of the entry fee, this is high quality de-hydrated food. There are vegetarian options, but please be aware the vegan option will be limited, so you may need to bring your own in addition to those provided. 

We recommend that you bring snacks for the trek, to keep your energy levels up!

There are plenty of water sources along route, so we will only need to carry around 1litre at a time. 


Each individual is responsible for getting to the starting point and from the end point.

Our hike will start on Saturday 10th August at 9am, we hope to reach the finish line on Thursday 15th August. 

Starting Point: Kiruna

We recommend that you join us in Kiruna on Friday 9th August, we will spend the first night camping or in a hotel (not included in fee). We will check in for Fjällräven Classi and collect our food for the week.

Fjällräven provide bus transfers from Kiruna airport and train station to the check-in location. Included in fee.

End Point: Abisko

Fjällräven organise buses from the end point Abisko to Kiruna Airport or Kiruna City Centre. *Not included in fee



  • Entry into the Fjällräven Classic

  • Bus transfers from Kiruna Airport and Kiruna Railway Station to the Classic Sweden basecamp at Högalidsskolan in Kiruna. 

  • Bus transfers from the basecamp at Högalidsskolan to the start of Classic Sweden in Nikkaluokta.  

  • Transportation of one bag up to 60lts/20kgs from Kiruna or Nikkaluokta to Abisko.

  • A map at a scale of 1:75,000 and a plastic cover.  

  • A Trekking Pass to be stamped by Fjällräven officials with unique stamps at all the checkpoints, as well as at the start and finish.  

  • Gas, petrol or methylated spirit to use for your camping stove.

  • Freeze-dried food and bread for the hike.

  • An orange safety tag to attach to your backpack.

  • Fjällräven Classic Trash Bag for taking care of your rubbish.

  • Fjällräven Classic Sweden medal when you complete all 110km.

  • Gutsy Girls Beanie and T-Shirt to wear on the trail!

  • Gutsy Girls Host to support the team

Things to Consider before Applying 

  • Cost of travelling to and from Kiruna 

  • Cost of gear, if you are new to hiking you may need to invest in some or most of this! 

  • Am I fit enough? We want to make this adventure accessible to all, however hiking with a loaded bag can be demanding. We do ask that you join us fit and ready for the adventure. 



Friday 9th August - Friday 16th August


£285 includes Entry Fee for Fjällräven Classic


Full Payment is due Saturday 20th April



  • Flights/ Travel to Kiruna

  • Gear required for the Trek 

  • Personal Insurance

  • Guide - Self Guided trip

  • First and last night camping fee

  • Bus ticket to Kiruna after hike


This trip is limited to just 9 Gutsy Girls, please fill in the form below to apply for the team.

Due to the high demand for the limited spaces, we do ask that you submit your form by Wednesday 10th April.

We will let the successful team members know by Saturday 13th April

Selected team members will need to pay the fee by Saturday 20th April

We are looking for hikers with a mix of experiences to build a supportive and fun group of women who are ready to take on the wilderness.

Please don’t stress about filling out our form, there’s no need to be a wordsmith or creative writer. Just paint us a picture of who you are, what experience you have and why you want to join us... If you’re taking more than 10 minutes to fill it in, you’re over thinking it!