Stand Up Paddleboarding in London this Winter

Since January we’ve introduced over 200 women to standup paddleboarding in the past 10 months!

Massive thank you to all those who’ve joined us for a paddle

If you haven’t had a chance to join us, I’m happy to say we’ll be continuing to offer our paddleboarding sessions throughout the winter! 

Gutsy Girls Winter SUP-3250054-2.jpg

Won’t it be freezing?

We like to call it fresh! Throughout the winter, we provide wetsuits to keep you toasty. Simply bring along hats, gloves and a jacket if you feel the cold too much.

Gutsy Girls Winter SUP-3250059.jpg

What’s it like to SUP in winter?

We think It’s beautiful, it’s lovely and crisp in the air and London in winter looks amazing especially around Christmas time!

Gutsy Girls Winter SUP-3250057.jpg

What happens if I fall in?

Wetsuits are designed to keep you warm when wet, so in the unlikely event that you do take a dip you’ll still be nice and warm for the rest of the paddle.

After each session, we’ll head to a local bar to warm up with a tea, coffee, mulled wine or what ever takes your fancy.

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How much does it cost?

Our Introduction Sessions are £45 (normally £57) for 2 hours of paddleboarding.

This includes a quick onland paddleboarding lesson and tour of the canals or the Thames.

Once you’ve done your introduction session with us, you can join any of our paddles for £24 or £26 for our 3 hour tour on Regents Canal.

Gutsy Girls Winter SUP-3250060.jpg

I’ve already SUPed before, can I skip the Introduction?

Great to hear you’re a fellow SUPer, if you haven’t paddled with Gutsy Girls or Active360 you’ll need to join the Intro Session.

It gives us an opportunity to go over the health and safety for the London waterways.

We aim to keep our lessons short and sweet, to get the most out of your water time!

Gutsy Girls Winter SUP-3250051-2.jpg

Sounds great, but I can’t convince a friend to join me?

Over 90% of Gutsy Girls come down solo! The main reason I set up Gutsy Girls is to connect like minded women through sports, adventure and nature.