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Join our Gutsy Girl team to tackle the Big Ben Challenge, a 20km SUP event through the heart of London.





✓ SUP on the Thames from Putney to Big Ben and BACK!

✓ Join 250 SUPers for a great end of summer paddle

✓ Gutsy Girl teams connect like minded women

Free to join our team! 


WHat to Expect


This year Gutsy Girls has introduced so many women to stand up paddleboarding! In December 2017, we started with just 10 ladies braving the icy waters and freezing temperatures to give paddleboarding a try on the canals of London. We now are super proud to run 5 sessions per month, with loads of great women joining our paddling community each week! 

This September we are putting together a team of Gutsy Girls to tackle the Big Ben Challenge, a 20km paddleboarding event from Putney Embankment to Big Ben and BACK. 

This paddle is open only to those with standup paddleboarding experience, you must be able to paddle 20km in variable conditions (not just flat water) against headwinds and tidal currents in under 4 hours. 

By joining the Gutsy Girl team, we'll connect you with others who are taking on the challenge so you have someone to paddle with on the day :) 

If you're not quite there yet don't worry, we'll be doing plenty more distance paddles in future.




Sunday 23rd September at 10am

Costs: £65 entry + board hire

Active360 have limited boards available to hire for the event for £25. 


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Important Notes

By joining this event you are declaring your ability to paddle 20km in variable conditions (not flat water), potentially into a headwind and for a distance against a gentle tidal current in under 4 hours. If you have a disability or medical condition which may affect your ability to complete the course please provide details.

Personal Flotation Devices (PFDs) are mandatory, either the traditional "jacket" or of the pull-cord inflating belt type.

Active360 will make a limited number of boards available to hire for the event at £25. These will mostly be 11'6, 12'6 boards and a few 4 meter boards. You will be able to pick up your board up on the day but These do all need to be booked and paid for in advance.

Conditions should be good as its a Thames Barrier closure day so there will be a weak flood tide in the afternoon but in the morning there's likely to be a moderate ebb current unless there is high rainfall in the weeks leading up to the event.

We are being cautious and warning people it could be choppy but at low tide the Thames is usually manageable even through central London. I've been through at high tide a few times now and its quite full on with wash and chop bouncing around but at low tide the wash dissipates quickly. 

Gutsy Girls takes no responsibility for you entering this event, you do so at your own risk.